Top 8 "Insurance Claim Adjuster Secret Tactics" - 2024

or they may request unnecessary documentation or information. This delay tactic can be frustrating for homeowners who are trying to get their claims resolved quickly

Another tactic used by adjusters is to avoid admitting fault. They may try to blame the homeowner for the damage or suggest

that the damage was caused by something that is not covered by the policy. This can make it difficult for homeowners to get the compensation they deserve.

Adjusters may also record statements made by homeowners during the claims process. These statements can be used against homeowners later on if the adjuster decides to deny the claim

Adjusters may request unnecessary medical records from claimants, even if the claim has nothing to do with medical issues.

Adjusters may pressure homeowners to accept the first offer they make. Homeowners should never accept the first offer without consulting with an attorney or public adjuster.

Adjusters may make low initial offers to homeowners in the hopes that they will accept the offer and avoid a lengthy claims process.