Adjusters may also record statements made by homeowners during the claims process. These statements can be used against homeowners later on if the adjuster decides to deny the claim.

Adjusters may request unnecessary medical records from claimants, even if the claim has nothing to do with medical issues.

Adjusters may pressure homeowners to accept the first offer they make. Homeowners should never accept the first offer without consulting with an attorney or public adjuster.

Adjusters may make low initial offers to homeowners in the hopes that they will accept the offer and avoid a lengthy claims process.

homeowners, even if the claim has nothing to do with taxes. This tactic is used to try to find something that can be used against the homeowner to deny the claim.

Adjusters may downplay the losses suffered by homeowners in an attempt to minimize the payout on the claim.

Adjusters may try to use wear-and-tear as an excuse to deny a claim. Homeowners should always document the condition of their home and any damage that occurs.