State Farm Insurance Review (2024) – Policy, Agents & Phone Number

State Farm Insurance

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State Farm is the largest and most prominent auto and home insurance company in the United States. This company started in 1922. It has a strong industry and customer service reputation, low rates for young drivers, and various coverage options. We will discuss this insurance company in detail in this article. Please read the article to know about it altogether.

State Farm Insurance Contact Number:


Claims Number
Auto, Home & Property 800-SF-CLAIM {800 732-5246}
Auto Glass Only 888-624-4410
Health 866-855-1212
Life 877-292-0398
  • Emergency Road Service: 877-627-5757
  • Pay Insurance (24/7 Phone Line): 800-440-0998
  • Loan Services: 866-207-9079
  • Technical Issues: 888-559-1922

State Farm Insurance App:

Policy management is straightforward through the State Farm mobile app. State Farm rated the app 4.7 out of 5.0 stars based on reviews. Also, this app lets you pay bills, view ID cards, file claims, request roadside assistance, and much more.

State Farm Auto Insurance Coverage 2024:

State Farm’s Auto Insurance Coverage is listed below:

  • Medical payment coverage
  • Collision insurance
  • Personal injury protection
  • Liability car insurance
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

State Farm Coverage Options 2024:

Here are some coverage options State Farm offers. Let’s observe a little.

  1. Roadside assistance
  2. Rental car reimbursement
  3. Coverage of travel expenses
  4. Rideshare insurance

State Farm Insurance Benefits 2024:

State Farm offers several benefits. These include:

  • Local agent
  • Digital tools
  • Landlord Insurance
  • Pet insurance
  • Boat Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • ATV and off-road vehicle insurance
  • RV Insurance
  • Renter’s Insurance
  • Condominium Insurance
  • Personal Banking

State Farm Car Insurance Rate by Age:

Here, we give you the State Farm Car Insurance Rate by Age. Let’s take a look.

Age Monthly Cost Annual Cost Average Cost
16 $460 $5,514 $7,581
17 $310 $3,714 $5,612
18 $278 $3,340 $4,958
21 $194 $2,322 $2,786
25 $163 $1,952 $2,336
35 $138 $1,657 $2,008

The factor of State Farm Car Insurance Rate 2024:

State Farm is affordable for the average car owner. However, due to some factors, the drivers have to pay more. Let us know about those factors.

  1. Traffic violations on your record
  2. Credit history
  3. Recent at-fault accidents
  4. ZIP code
  5. Age
  6. Type and age of the vehicle
  7. Marital status

State Farm Car Insurance Discount 2024:

  1. A) Multi-Policy: You can save money by bundling car insurance with life, renters, condo, or homeowners insurance.
  2. B) Multi-Car: Get discounts by insuring two or more vehicles with State Farm.
  3. C) Accident-Free: You can reduce the premium by staying accident-free for three years.
  4. D) Good Driving: You will get a discount from the company if you spend three years without any at-fault accidents.
  5. E) Driver Training: If you are under 21, you can get a discount by taking a driver training course.
  6. F) Good Student: If you are a good student and maintain a “B” average, you may be able to reduce your premium by up to 25%.

State Farm Home Insurance Coverage 2024:

  1. A) Personal Property
  2. B) Dwelling
  3. C) Medical Payments
  4. D) Other Structures
  5. E) Additional Living Expenses
  6. F) Personal Liability

Additional State Farm Home Insurance:

  1. Personal Liability Umbrella Policy
  2. Flood Insurance
  3. Earthquake Insurance

Factor of Home Insurance Cost:

  • Location
  • Claim History
  • Property Details
  • Coverage is Required
  • Deductible

Cost of State Farm Home Insurance Coverage 2024:

We’ll discuss how much State Farm home insurance coverage might cost in your area. Below is what State Farm home insurance coverage can look like for a single-family home.

Location Home Square Monthly Cost Cost Per Year
McKinleyville, California 1,344 sq. ft $63 $756
Mechanicsburg, Pa 2,144 sq. ft $107 $1,280
Richmond, Va 2,112 sq. ft $95 $1,137
Schertz, Texas 2,346 sq. ft $182 $2,181
Charlotte, NC 1,595 sq ft $111 $1,330

State Farm Home Insurance Discounts 2024:

State Farm home insurance can get you the discounts mentioned below. Let’s take a look.

  • Home Security Insurance Discounts: Installing fire, smoke, or burglar alarms or some other monitoring system can get you a discount on home insurance.
  • Roofing discount: A roof with impact-resistant roofing products, such as rock-resistant or Class 4 shingles, can discount home insurance premiums.
  • Multi-Line Discount: You can save up to $1,073 by bundling your insurance policies with State Farm and additional auto and home insurance.

State Farm Life Insurance Online:

State Farm Life Insurance offers three types of insurance policies. You can buy these policies online if you wish. These are

  • Universal life insurance is a flexible way to protect loved ones and build tax-deferred cash value. You can take this as a joint policy.
  • Whole Life Insurance: This policy can help your family in case of unexpected events. It helps with mortgage expenses or educational needs. These policies are tax-free.
  • Term Life Insurance protects a fixed period or term {5 to 30 years}. It gives extra protection as your children grow.

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